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"The Birdcage" meets the Bible Belt

I encourage UWers to check out this event [as apart of Dawg Daze]

Queer Night at the Movies
Times: TODAY 9:00pm to 10:30pm
Location: Mary Gates Hall, Room 389

Welcome all Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Huskies--and to our non-GBLT allies as well! 'The shortest distance between two friends isn't always a straight line,' but you should head straight for this Queer Night at the Movies. This is your chance to meet other GBLT Huskies, and watch the romantic comedy 'Sordid Lives.' Whatever your sexual orientation, please join us for this night of laughter and making new friends.
Hosted By: GBLT community

"If you've got a taste for big hair, broad Texas accents, and gay rights, this mixture of white-trash comedy and coming-out melodrama is for you. Sordid Lives starts out as chicken-fried farce, as a funeral is prepared for a woman who died when she tripped over her adulterous lover's wooden legs; about midway the emphasis shifts to a drag queen unfairly held in a mental institution and the dead woman's grandson, an actor in Los Angeles who hasn't come out to his mother. The tone shifts wildly, and the humor depends on your fondness for the white-trash genre--if you like it, this will tickle your ribs; if you don't, it'll fall flat as the panhandle landscape. But it must be said that the cast (including Bonnie Bedelia, Beau Bridges, Delta Burke, and Olivia Newton-John) dives right in, no matter how over-the-top their characters get." --Bret Fetzer
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