Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

moving in..

~Ok, so tomorrow happens to be move in day # 1, and I was just wondering, in case anyone here actually works at the front desks or anything, do all students *really* have to go to the Montlake Parking lot tomorrow morning to sit around for hrs. before moving in? I'd love to just zip over to Terry at 8am tomorrow or so, and start moving in. Last yr move in was no sweat, because I 1. moved in on day 2, and 2. I was moving into little Mercer.. How terrible will move in really be tomorrow morning, anyone have any ideas..? Or, if I go straight to Terry and try to check in, will they turn me away for not having checked in at Montlake Parking Lot.. I mean.. I'm not a freshman moving in for the first time, I know what I'm doing.. so.. yea
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