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Transfer Student

~Hi! My name is Jenn and I'm currently attending Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana - I'm originally from Oak Harbor, WA and I'm incredibly homesick - I'm moving back to Washington at the end of this semester and am currently looking at attending the University of Washington in either the Summer or Fall of next year - my plan is to attend a community college for Winter and Spring quarters to better my chances of being accepted - do you guys have any advice or information that you think I should know to better my chances of being accepted? Any classes or volunteer or school activities I should be involved in?
~Right now I'm a sophomore here at MSU and I plan on minoring in Music Education and Majoring in Elementary Education/Special Education - does anyone have any advice on my plans as to what I should do also? Any help would be great appreciated! And maybe in a few months I'll be a fellow dawg! Hugs and Kisses!!

~PS: If anyone wants to add me to keep in touch and help me out that'd be super! :)
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