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for those who study music

Hello everyone, this is just a quick question I have for transfer students.

I'm at a community college down here in Vancouver and planning to get my associates' degree in Music. Now, that's all fine and dandy. The problem is the transfer of credits and the actual part of getting into the School of Music. See, I was planning on majoring in Composition. Only problem? My college doesn't offer composition classes alone; it's only touched on a bit in random Music Theory classes.

Now, if any of you happen to be music majors, a bit of advice on what to do about these pesky requirements? Right now I can see my options as being: one, transfer to UW and take MUSIC 216, 217, and 218 one quarter after another, and then audition for the School of Music the next year, thus elongating my stay at the UW for a kind of silly reason.

So... what should I do? Or am I stressing out about nothing?
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