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Howdy fellow Udubbers, i was just curious as to wondering if you guys knew that a commercial for Old Spice / Red Zone body wash Is going to be filmed at the tailgate area on 09/18/04. The ad campaign is based on an election theme. Three male candidates will
be selected to "campaign" through the tailgate, running on the platform
that they smell great and are a hit with the ladies. They will be on campus
recruiting for the three candidates starting on Tuesday, and holding a
screening session to determine the three guys they will use on Thursday
between noon and 5 pm. These candidates will each be featured in 3
commercials devoted to them! Additionally, they are also looking for as many extras as they can possibly find.They need a crowd for every single shot they do. Some extras (mostly female)will interact directly with the candidate and therefore get huge exposure.
Others will be used in the background. This Sounds pretty awesome... I found out about his from an email someone at the school sent me... o_O Check out and look for the "Wanna be on TV!" link.
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