LeChuot (lechuot) wrote in uw,

BIOL 411

Weirdly enough, I managed to register for this class on a whim even though I haven't taken BIOL 355, which is listed as a prereq. So now I'm seriously considering taking it, and it would be my first 400-level bio class. I'd be going into it straight from BIOL 220. So I'm curious and rather nervous.

Can anyone tell me how they felt about this class? It's being taught by G. Schubiger and Billie Swalla. How are they as teachers? Is it really BIO 220-centric, and should I refresh myself on those notes? Or am I okay just going in without reading the text and just reading as we go along? Was it hard/easy and how many hours did you spend on it? Just any information at all would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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