Monika (heymon14) wrote in uw,

Campus Job Question..

~ So, I'm broke, and I'm currently filling out an app. for a campus job-- a front desk job, and I have a couple questions that maybe someone could answer 1. Do you have any extra "tips" of any sort in filling this thing out- like, pay special attention to one thing or another, ect. 2. Should I include an actual resume with the app? 3. Since I'm living at home for the summmer, is it considered acceptable to fill it out and stick it in a big fatty size envelope and mail it off to the person it says to mail it to? and.. 4. What res hall desk should I apply for..? A friend that works at Terry desk suggested Haggett->McCarty->McMahon->Terry, since, hypothetically, Haggett is least busy and McMahon and Terry would be the busiest, because they have a dining hall, etc..

-Thanks for any extra ideas/ input!.. or, any other cool jobs I could apply for? Not to compete directly with anyone else around here.. but.. ehh.
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