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Student Groups?


I was wondering if there are any interesting student groups out there. I have checked the website for SAO and looked at some RSOs. I'v been here for 2 years already and since I am moving off campus my dad wants me to join a club. I am worried about scheduling because I work 3 days a week (M,W,F) so I don't know if anything will fit in my schedule. Also, is there anything related to communications/sociology that I could join? Any ideas?

Also, cheap stuff is good, I looked into the yacht club, but it looks like a rip off. You have to spend $30 every quarter and you have to do a $20 initiation fee and if you forget to pay the $30 each quarter, then you have to do the initiation fee yet again. So, I'm thinking of not doing that. I am athletic and I like to sing, so any ideas would be helpful.
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