Tri Truong (thephoking) wrote in uw,
Tri Truong

Mercer Hall

Hey, I'm a 2008 kid and moving into the dorms this coming fall. They put me in Mercer Hall which I think wasn't even in my top 4 choices, go figure.

Well I've heard some things about "the dungeon" but nothing really great since a bad rating for a dorm could be given to any one of the halls. So I was wondering what the condition is like in mercer?

- Freshman only?
- 24 hour quiet?
- Daily Life?
- People/Fun?
- Other stuff?

I heard they renovated it this summer, but it's just the lights and furniture so nothing really "revolutionary."

Also, how easy would it be to move out if the hall did turn out to the "the suck."

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