Micah (micahellison) wrote in uw,

Housemate needed ASAP

I'm in a group of seven UW students that's looking for one more person so we can move into a great-looking 8 bedroom house up near 68th and 12th, a little bit north of campus and a short ways east of the northeast tip of Green Lake. Here's the info if anyone's interested in joining us.

Location - It's within a couple blocks of a QFC, and one more block to Whole Foods, Bartell's, Taco Del Mar, a bar or two. Looks like a 5-10 minute walk to Green Lake. It's right on the 66 and 67 buslines, the fore of which will take you downtown and the latter of which goes directly into campus to the HUB.

House - Three floors, two kitchens, three full baths (bathtubs w/ showerheads). Three rooms on top, two on the ground floor, and three on the basement floor. Built in the 1920s, but the basement floor was recently remodeled. There's on-site laundry. There's a pool table on the ground floor. The house has a secluded backyard lawn as well.

Group - We're not an extremely tight group (so you'd definitely be able to fit in) but from the hanging out we've done over the past couple weeks, we all get along very well. We're all juniors or seniors at the University of Washington. There's a fair amount of geekiness in the group: we've got a web developer, a network security worker, a very avid reader, and everybody here likes video games at least somewhat. We've also got a lot of creativity. Some of us are playwrights, pianists, and singers. Five of us are guys and two of us are girls.

Lifestyle - We party a little, but we don't go nuts. We're 20 and 21 year olds, so there will probably be some alcohol around though we are all pretty responsible. We all do the computer thing a lot. Expect a fully-networked house with high-speed Internet access and probably a couple computers in common areas to play music that's shared on the network wherever we like. I wouldn't be surprised if we even threw a couple LAN parties. But don't worry, the house won't be bleeding nerdiness, either. We still know how to function in the real world where people actually talk to communicate instead of using the intarweb.

Due Date - We're trying to get most of our applications together tomorrow (Saturday), so when I say ASAP, I mean it. We can probably swing a few days, but the sooner you get to us, the better. We really want this house, and we just need one more person.

Money - $400/month. When you move in, you have to pay first and last month's rent plus $125 of the refundable security deposit.

Email me at micahellison@gmail.com for more info if you're interested. I'll send the pictures I've taken of it and we can talk a bit more about the place.
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