Live by the internet, die by the internet. (almypal) wrote in uw,
Live by the internet, die by the internet.

Computer Science Major

Hey guys,

I want to be a computer science major, and I was looking at UW (I live in Maryland). The thing is, though, that the major itself seems like its really hard to get into, with less than 40% (80 total) of the applicants being accepted.

Basically, I have a bajillion questions, and if anyone could fill me in, in any way, big or small, I'd really appreciate it.

What is the process of working towards this major? Is there anyone with direct experience with being accepted/rejected? What did you do right/wrong? If you were accepted, was it worth it? What happens if you are rejected? Do you have anything else to say about this system?

Also, for the computer science majors, how are the faculty? How is the program, are you able to take all the courses you want? The facilities look nice, but how are they "in real life"? Do you feel like when you graduate, you will be an awesome programmer and be a valuable employee?

Also one last general question. Comp Sci Majors are required to take 15 credits of foreign language. Is this 3 ...quarters? How in depth is this, e.g. am I expected to be somewhat able to speak it after this? (I ask because this may be a dealbreaker. Foreign languages = kryptonite)

Thanks guys!!
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