Monika (heymon14) wrote in uw,

French dep't/ TA's

~Hi everyone!.. well, I'm a french student, I haven't declared the major yet, although I might do that this fall in order to be able to register for the 300 level classes.. I just like the language.. shrug... BTW, anyone taking FR 203 this fall @ 1:30pm in Thom. 334?? Because I am, heh... anyway, my question,-- does anyone know if any of the current dept TAs will be leaving this fall, or, are any new TAs coming into the dept this yr.? I'm always just really curious about these things, Merci!.. I just figured I might as you all before asking my current instructor.. oh and.. Is anyone by chance already in the dept.. have any wisdom or stories they'd like to share with me ..?
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