Monika (heymon14) wrote in uw,

parking on campus???

~ Hey everyone, so here's my deal, I'm commuting to school tomorrow-friday, I'm not taking the bus, since it's my 'short day'- and I was just wondering, where is the cheapest place to park near campus?? I have no clue. Last week I parked In the central plaza garage, and I really don't want to pay $8 again just to park for 4 hrs. Isn't there some sort of stipulation that says to be able to park in the Montlake Lot, one has to have at least $2.50 on one's Husky Card? And then, does it cost something like.. $2.50 to park there for the day? I dunno... I don't have a parking permit, and I've got about 50 cents on my Husky card, ( I guess I could add more $$ if I have to), and I have a U-Pass.. any of this gonna do me any good?.. thanks for the words of advice!
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