Amos Block (aladnsane) wrote in uw,
Amos Block

Gifts to China

So - A Question for those of you who have been to or are from China, specifically the Beijing area. IN about three weeks I will be leaving for china, and will be spending 4 months there. Among the things I am currently trying to arrange are gifts for people I meet there. What I am looking for is something affordable (I am a student after all) that is not only atleast vaguely symbolic of the PNW, but is something that might be rare/sought after to some extent in China. the quick solution (for very minor gifts) is going to be the UW shotglasses - they're cheap, gimmicky, and likely to be used ;). But I am still a little unsure on what to bring for slightly bigger gifts (of which I will probably bring about 2) - the kind of thing that might really be appreciated.

So what that boils down to is... is there anything readily available here, that would be hard to get/appreciated over there, that I would not have problems getting through customs? (Salmon came to mind, but I am not sure if I could get it through customs).


PS: Sorry, this has nothing to do with UW... this is just the best place I could think of to ask.
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