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I've contacted Stephen D Hauschka (Biochemistry UW) and arranged a meeting with Campus for Peace and Justice, a University of Washington activist group, to discuss the future of Students Against Apathy in Washington State, and on building a relationship between WSU and UW activist groups sometime next week -- possibly Wedneday Aug 11.

A lot of us are busy studying, so we cannot devote our full time and attention toward making a difference in our communities. If we work together - get organized, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. There is so much to do, right here in our own backyard, and we should - can - do something about it. If any of you are interested in coming along, let me know.

More info on SAA:
SAA is currently recognized by Washington State University as a student club, and thus is currently bound by all the regulations that such a title holds. Our organization would like to remain non-partisan, and openly democratic – no official declarations to either party affiliates, but remain critical of our leaders both locally, nationally, and internationally.

SAA will provide an alternative network and mode of operations for the student body at WSU, and attempt to combat the apathy of the students and citizens of Washington.

SAA aims to work with other activist groups in Washington State University and beyond on like-minded issues; that are democratically set, and universally agreed upon.

SAA seeks to reinvigorate the student body government (ASWSU) at Washington State University, as we believe ASWSU is currently a glorified student entertainment board – ASWSU has a responsibility to look out for its student body’s best interests.

SAA is tired of the pacification promoted by the student newspaper, the Evergreen, and seeks to improve upon the Evergreen’s message.

SAA would like to see greater community involvement across Washington State by both altruistic and socio-political means. We aim to highlight and improve upon the number of informed voting participants, critical thinkers, and activists across the state to empower Washington communities.

- solidarity will provide strength in numbers -
educate - unite - act
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