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bed for sale

is anybody looking or know anybody who's looking to buy a full size bed and/or mattress? i'm selling both b/c i need to get rid of it SOON. as in, within a week soon. i've had it for a little more than 1 1/2 years from ikea but there's no way i can take it to my next place because it just won't fit...

the picture doesn't do it much justice (ignore the mess... i'm in the process of moving and i just have so much junk still >_<) but the bed frame is low to the ground and a light wood color. i still have the instruction booklet... i think! but i do for sure have the little tool ikea gives you to put it together. there's a little damage on the inside and on the side from putting it together, disassembling it, moving from one place to another and then assembling again so if anybody's interested we can figure out a good price!! ummm! just leave me a comment here if you are! i really don't want to just... leave it but there's just absolutely no way i can take it with me... thanks!!!
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