Karl (supersat) wrote in uw,

An Important Announcement About Printing

Draft printing in the Mary Gates Hall Computing Resource Center and the Odegaard Undergraduate Library are now paid for with the Quick Card from Copy Services. Copy Services is now handling all draft printing because their larger volume allows them to purchase toner/paper/etc at a lower cost that SACG can. This helps keep printing costs down. Copy Services has decided that their Quick Card solution is better than using HuskyCards, so the transition was made. You'll still be able to use your HuskyCard in the MGH CRC by printing to the "husky temp draft" printer until Winter quarter. You should also be able to transfer funds from your HuskyCard to a new Quick Card at the OUGL Copy Center.

In the MGH CRC, the printers are located at the draft release stations. You'll no longer have to go to the help desk to pick up your prints.
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