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Hey there-

Is it just me or is anyone else sort of peeved about the new uw parking rules (which mainly just mean that carpooling's not free anymore as well as the price being raised in Montlake).

It totally sucks for me, since I don't live on or close to campus, and taking the bus isn't really an option for me (I can't leave campus at the times I need to if I have to take the bus!)... plus, ONCE AGAIN they've raised the price of the UPASS.

It may not really seem like a big deal (since the increases aren't that huge) but it adds up. They're (the omniscient THEY who makes these decisions, probably the old farts in Geberding) already raising tuition practically every quarter and yet I haven't seen a single improvement when it comes to the quality of my classes or my professors...

Isn't there a way that the students can vote on these sort of decisions before administration goes through with it?

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