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I am in a HUGE rut right now.

To make a long story short, I need a roommate ASAP. And by ASAP, I mean tomorrow. You can stay as long as you want, but I mainly just need someone till August, but if you need a place for longer than that, that is absolutely fine too. I'm willing to help you move, help you unpack, help you clean, etc etc etc, so long as you'll move in ASAP.

This could be much exaggerated on, but it need not be done here.

Hey Everyone!

It comes that time again when everyone's moving out, and everyone's moving in. Well, I'm looking for a roomate that can move in by July 1st, and whether it be on this community or referred to me by someone on this community, that'd be cool (as long as they're sane and all that jazz). Here are the specs:

Where: The Park at Northgate
-2 bedroom, 1 bath
-1000 square feet
-$869 total rent, meaning $434.50 per person
-Large porch area
-Outdoor Swimming Pool
-Free Tanning
-Fitness Center (weights, universals, treads, etc.)
-Large Picturesque Greenfield
-Wood Burning Fireplace
-Large Closets
-Dining Area with lit ceiling fan
-Would already be furnished (since I'm still living there)
-Free Parking
-Patrolled by Access Security
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email me at or aim: opheliadream if you'd like more information.
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