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Wanted: Room mate

Hi there. I am x-posting this from the seattle comm, and my own journal.
This comm was suggested to me by an *actual* UW student, though I am not one.

I've already found the apt complex I want to live in...
Park Meridian Apts, which is on 112th and Meridian (VERY close to NSCC, Northgate, Transit Center, and NorthWest Hospital. On many different bus lines.)

Rent has variable options.
+Move in rent: $850 (first and last month free)
OR Prorate at $730/month.

Two bedroom apt, second floor. South facing unit.
One bathroom, nice kitchen and 'living space'.
Pets are okay, with a small pet deposit.
Secured entrance, with intercom. Washer/Dryer *not in unit* but, in complex.
Fridge, oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal...
The ONLY utility you need to pay is electricity.
Comcast cable and/or internet available.
Parking is free, unless you want a covered parking space. Storage units are available for $10/month.
Each unit has its own balcony.
New paint and bathroom floor has been replaced.

Mature 19 year old (female, if you couldn't tell that from my user picture...)
I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.
I am interested in getting a pet, but am open to other options.
I go to NSCC part time, and work close by.
I'm very open-minded, and liberal ;)
Reading, movies, music, girls nights, animals, and dog showing are a few of my interests. (No worries, my dogs wont be moving in.)

What I am looking for:
Male or female. Non smoker, no drug use, no restraining orders or super creepy behaviors. Likes talking and interacting with others..
I do like to sleep so no all nighters 4-5 times a week please.
I would prefer age range to be under 30, and obviously over 18. I am mature for my age so I don't want a poser teen angsty child. ^_~

Call my cell phone: (206)818-0759
or email scarlet4ever at hotmail dot com.

PS: I would like to move in ASAP! (The manager is going on vacation June 30th- July 7th. I would like to move in before that happens. I realize that this is possibly unrealistic, but that's what I'm looking for. This is not set in stone, and I am flexible.
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