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Cock Roach Alert...

Now I am not that discerning when it comes to eating out. I can handle a little mess, some dirt, even strange looking employees. But I must say, I have to draw the line when I notice roaches crawling up the side of a wall.

Today, about 2/3 of the way through my slice at PIZZA BRAVA on the AVE I noticed a little creature crawling up the wall in front of me. Now, I guess "little" is subjective, as this was small compared to some of the roaches I have seen in Mexico and other places abroad, but needless to say, he was about an inch long, quite healthy and ready to scurry at a moments notice.

So, grossed out, I toss the rest of my slice and go to the bathroom to wash my hands and tinkle. Well, as I stand with my fly open and dick hanging out wouldn't you know it but two more roaches are crawling up the wall right in front of me. One, in one day, could be considered forgivable. Three in one day, I ain't going back.

Something very dirty is going on at PIZZA BRAVA. Consider yourself warned.
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