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I just graduated high school last week, and was planning on going to UW this fall. I applied as a freshman, as I still had not earned by diploma at the time of graduation. I did running start full time both my junior and senior year of hs at Bellevue CC, and so I was able to graduate from BCC as well with an AA&S degree, which I was planning to use at part of the DTA. When I was accepted to UW, I was accepted on "conditional acceptance" or something. I applied as a freshman, and had all my requirements met to get into UW. The problem is, I got my spring quarter grades back from bcc and found out I failed math. Without that grade, I haven't completed my AA&S. I plan on retaking that math class this fall at BCC, but I'm worried about my acceptance into UW. Do you know if they are that strict about conditional admission over one class if I am planning to retake it ASAP? It's not like I've ever failed a class before, and the math class wasn't somethign I needed to meet entry requirements, but I did need it to fufill my part of the DTA, and I listed it as a class I was going to complete, etc. Does anyone have any idea if they will decline my admission now for fall quarter this year? I plan on calling the admissions office Monday, but I was just curious to whether anyone here had aything to say about it!
Thanks for any help!
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