shit head (appogiatura) wrote in uw,
shit head

apartment hunting

i will be attending uw this fall as a transfer student from florida. i've been doing a little apartment hunting, and i feel a little overwhelmed. i have a few questions that maybe some of you seattle natives could answer for me that might make this process a little less daunting.

first thing, cost of living is lower in florida, so most of the prices i've seen seem a little pricey to me. how much does a decent, one bedroom apartment usually goes for? what's considered cheap, expensive, etc?

what are the summers like? i've noticed that many apartments don't come with a/c. that's just unheard of down here, but i doubt it will get hot enough to where a floridian will think it unbearable.

um.. any suggestions on apartments and/or locations i should check out or avoid would be greatly appreciated.

thanks so much!
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