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Great Sketch Comedy! Last Chance!

Last Chance to see Train of Thought – 1 Free

Like Saturday Night Live? Kids in the Hall? Monty Python? Then you'll love local Seattle Sketch Comedy group Train of Thought!

It’s the final weekend of our sketch comedy show Train of Thought > New York and we’re proud to offer a 2 for 1 special! Just say the secret password ‘Empire State Building’ and get one free admission with the purchase of a full price ticket. That’s only $5 each!

We’ve had a great response from critics and audiences alike:

“[Train of Thought is] a likable trio, and when they click together they suggest great things” – Bret Fetzer, The Stranger

“A must-see event for all Seattleites” - Chuck Foster, The Seattle Sinner

Plus, our theater features a full bar with drink specials and all the seating is comfy couches and lounge chairs! So come see a funny show, in a comfy chair with a stiff drink!

Quick Show Info:

> Show name: Train of Thought > New York

> Featuring: John Boyle, Ryan Miller, Celene Ramadan

> Performances: Fridays & Saturdays June 11th and 12th at 10 PM.

> Location: Northwest Actor’s Studio: The Cabaret Theater, 3rd Floor, on Capitol Hill (1100 E Pike Street, Seattle, WA, 98122)

> Ticket price: $10.00, $8.00 with valid student ID or 1 Free with the purchase of a full price ticket with the password: ‘Empire State Building'

> Technical Director: Michelle Impala

> Written by John Boyle with Train of Thought

> Directed by John Boyle

More information is available at http://www.trainofthought.info/.

See you there!

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