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Keep Connected with!!!

For those who are graduating or are alumni, I found this, thought it might be useful. | Email and Internet services for University of Washington alumni and former students. Use tools you know to stay connected.

Premium Service ($19 a month)

Along with dial-in modem access, you’ll get to keep your UW email and continue using Pine or WebPine. You'll also get 300 MB of storage space for your email and files, and will have the option to conveniently move them from your UW account to your new account. Add to that Web publishing, email anti-virus protection and spam screening, customer support by phone or email, easy access to your transcripts, UW news and events, and more—our Premium Service only costs $19.00 a month. The fees you pay for Premium Service go directly to your alma mater! Learn more

Complimentary Service (Email only, no charge)

If you already have an ISP or live outside Western Washington, you can sign up for Complimentary Service to keep your UW email address and receive a small 2 MB email account at no charge.
Learn more

To learn more about these services, take a look at the services and benefits section. Or, you can sign up now.

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