Joshua (j_ritty) wrote in uw,

for all you web programming savvy people... i need help... first off, i'm programming in php using a MySQL database for the back end...

the situation:

i have a website with tabs @ the top... the first tab is a customer profile... the second tab is a bunch of form letters that are autogenerated depending on which customer you are looking @... i need to split up the customer profile into 2-3 seperate tabs so that each one is a little simpler...

the problem:

it needs to be able to click from one tab to the other without hitting the "log" button currently on the bottom on the customer profile tab... so, for example, if i change the name of the client in the name field, then click the alt contact tab, and then click back to the main tab the changed name should still be there...

i know anytime a field gets changed i could call a javascript function, but i don't think javascript can interact with the mysql database that stores the customer data... i can't use the $_POST array obviously cause it isn't being posted anywhere...

the only possible solution i could see would be to rewrite the links ie. javascript to include EVERY variable on the page and include them in the link... and then grab all of them via the $_GET array... but i am hoping there is a better way...

any suggestions?
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