Nayiry (enamorada1585) wrote in uw,

HSTAA 101-please respond!

Hi. Im registered for HSTAA 101 (survey of US history) and the professor I will be having is Quintard Taylor. I looked up the ratings for this prof and they were really good, but not too many people were surveyed. So, I am reallllllyyy wondering how much the work load is in this class. I am taking this as my "easy" class since im taking 2 other science classes, doing 15 hours of research a week and im gonna be an RA. So 2 questions:
1. what is the work load like? a lot of reading? a lot of paper? how is it graded?
2. is the lecture/prof interesting?

I guess that was more than two :) but i would really appreciate it if anone who has taken this class could give me an opinion. Thanks so much!
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