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hi everyone, i'm a transfer student, i'm pleased to say that i just got accepted to the uw today! *happy dance* however, i won't make the decision for sure until the college of engineering accepts me (or not). O.O

does anyone know how difficult it is to get accepted to the college of engr, with a major in bioengineering? if i remember correctly, only about 50% of the people who apply get accepted. what do you think my chances are of getting accepted with a 3.4 gpa? i've gotten a few Cs (in calculus and *horror* biology). but i've also been improving my grades, and have an internship under my belt, although it isn't focused in the engineering field. i hope that counts for something?

if i do get accepted, i would like to stay in a dorm. i know you guys get tons of questions about that. i've gone through the post in the last month, and those have been really helpful, but i still have some questions, and would like more opinions. i know for sure i don't want to live in terry, and prolly not hansee, either, since i've heard it's difficult to get to know people if you're not particularly outgoing (that's me!). i'd like to stay on co-ed floors, and somewhere near the engineering buildings. i tend to be a recluse, but would really like to make new friends, especially if they're in the same major as i (bioengr, or just plain engr). any suggestions?

also (my third and last question), i'd like some opinions on professors. i know i'll have to take the first quarter of electrical engineering, C++, and differential equations. if i can get those classes, that's what i'll prolly take in the fall. do you have any input as to which teachers to take, and which to stay away from? i'd like a fairly easy teacher (or TA), but i'd also like to learn. grades are kinda more important to me at this point in time, though.
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