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Super Secret Bathroom...

Since the potty talk post earlier today, I started wondering just where in the hell the bathroom that this guy, in The Strangers Letters To The Editor section, mentions is at. You can read the link here, or see the editorial piece as posted below. This is all in response to the 101 Favorite Restrooms article that The Stranger posted a few weeks ago. It's just got me curious.

EDITOR: I just finished reading with great interest John Flushing's "101 Favorite Restrooms" pullout [April 22]. It was very informative, and I look forward to visiting some of these places. However, I was surprised that my favorite bathroom on the UW campus wasn't mentioned. The four- (five-?)staller is huge--its ceilings must be 12 feet high. The ceiling-high windows face south and let in so much natural light that I've never seen the lights turned on, and the window sills are deep enough to comfortably sit in and study or just look out over the campus. There's a great big empty space--maybe 12 feet by 12 feet--which I like to think of as a dance floor, although I've never seen it used as such. In fact, I've hardly ever seen anyone in there at all. The door is poorly marked, and I think it's used only by people in the know. I stumbled across this bathroom once, years ago, when I was a TA for a class in this building. So far, I have refused to tell any of my colleagues which building houses this oasis, and of course I will continue to do so, for fear of it spoiling the privacy. But it really is nice. And the signs in the hallway that point to it have a picture of a couple scuba-diving to the bathroom. How cool is that?

Edward D. Farnum

Department of Applied Mathematics

University of Washington
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