Sean (cutegenius) wrote in uw,

Graduate Housing Options

Hi, I'm Sean. I just decided to go to UW for graduate school, and I'm looking for housing. I'll be moving to Seattle in mid-September. I applied for grad student housing, but I've heard that the waiting list is rather long, and that I might not be able to secure a place until after the fall quarter begins. So, I'm trying to figure out what my options are. I'll be living on the grad student stipend, so I'm trying to find a place that is inexpensive. While I will have a car, I'm moving there from NYC, so I don't really care about noise, and small is totally okay. I do care about being close to everything as possible. I'd prefer to find a place without flying out to Seattle during the middle of the summer as well. I'd appreciate any advice you all could give me.... Thanks! ~CG
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