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Just another face in the crowd...

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A serious need to vent.....

To all you people handing out fliers for elections...Im sure I speak for many of us when I say that I cant stand you. I was almost attacked by some of you when I said "no thanks this morning to a few girls patrolling the montlake pedestrian bridge. You all are like walking, talking pop-up screens. You want my time, you want my attention, show me the money. And NO, Im not buying, I dont want your views, I dont want your organizations. I dont have a minute, not even a second for green peace. If I did, I would seek them out myself. I have a respect for for your need to advertise in this way, but you must then understand and respect that I am going to look you right in the eye and politely tell you no EVERY TIME, but if you push me further, I will push back, a LOT harder than you want me to. Dont push me. I wish I had a real-life firewall.

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