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11:20 Suzallo.

(I got this over email.)

This THURSDAY (tomorrow/today, depending on when you are checking your LJ) at precisely 11:20am some students are gathering on the bottom steps of Suzallo library (in red square) wearing purple shirts, jeans and sunglasses. After we
gather we are going to sing "Jingle Bells" and then disperse.

The key is to gather from all directions and then disperse randomly without saying a word to others or answering questions about what that was. You are supposed to
appear in a FLASH and then disappear as quickly as you came.

I know that many, if not all of you will be busy tomorrow, but if you don't have class or are even passing through red square at that time it may be a good idea to come and participate in something very out of the ordinary. One note for you though,
if you decide just to come and observe, don't sit waiting for us or anything, its supposed to be a very random thing, so if we have an audience when we get there, it won't produce the desired effect... just hang out by kane hall or something.

Events like this happen in Syndey - click here to check out more
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