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Alright, alright. So here's the deal. Me and my bf currently are looking for a potential roommate to move into our apartment for this summer/next school year. And if we love you, maybe until...well, whenver, really. The problem is that when we were looking for our original roommate, we didn't really look hard enough, and kind of got something that's a bit...er...interesting to say the least. And now she wants to move out, so it's not a big deal that she is, unless of course we don't find ourselves a third roommate. So the big thing for right now is that our current lease ends this month (i believe), so we're trying to find potential people that want to may want to move in. What about the apartment, you ask? Well, here ya go:

3 Bedroom
2 Bath
Sizeable kitchen with microwave, fridge, stove(duh), oven
Broadband internet access for probably around $13 bux a month. (Cheap!)
Within walking distance to campus
Right next to the off ramp for exit 169 going I-5 north.
Half a block from main bus line on 45th
Close to everything!
Price: currently we pay 366.67 per person for the apartment, so I guess you would probably have to expect around that price. Since we haven't talked to our landlord yet about if they're going to be raising the price or what not, we don't know exactly how much it will be just yet.
Utilities Included: Garbage, Water
Utilities not included: Phone(we do not have a phone line set up as all of us run on cell phones), electricity/heat

About us:
Me (Girl)
Justin (Guy)
Yes, we are gf and bf, but we're not the "fuck until the building shakes" kinna couple. We will respect your privacy, yet try to maintain a good friend kinna status with you. Thus, we will not go "WEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Wanna be my bestest friend?!?!?!"
We're cool people all-around, easy to get along with.
We're still freshmen this year, but will be a sophomore this upcoming year
We're exceptionally good at paying bills, rent, money, what not, so in turn, you could call us reliable

*We just want to note lastly that we are just looking for people that may be interested, as we still have to talk to our roommate about when she'll be staying until, and our landlord about possible rent hikes and what not. So if you're dead set looking for an apartment now, and during the summer, or during this next school year, definitely talk to me, and we'll see what's up.

Other than that...I guess that's it.

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