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Protest of "Mayday for Marriage"

Protest of "Mayday for Marriage"
This is in reply to the person that asked for an update on the protest of "Mayday for Marriage." As many of you know, the protest of Mayday for Marriage happened this saturday. The turn out was fairly good in my opinion. It was interesting to hear the different sides of the story. I think what it boiled down to on the pro gay marriage side wanted to maintain separation of church and state. A friend of mine had a good saying, "I'm not a lesbian, but i'd like to right to be." ANd the other side was pretty much saying that there should be a definition of marriage, which is a union between a man and a woman. In my own opinion, it saddened me to see so many people, roughly 20-25 thousand, listening to the speech of Dobson. One of the most disturbing things he said was "Take these people under your wing and show them the right way, they can be changed." This was particularly sad to hear this when probably 1/3 of people in the audience were children. I understand if you feel marriage should only be between a man and a woman, you are entitled to that opinion. However love is blind and how does it exactly affect others if two homosexual people get married? Maybe we should take a look at our own marriages since a recent study showed that 50 percent fail anyway, and try to work on those. I personally don't feel threatened if two men or two women want to commit themselves to eachother. Shouldn't we embrace those values of commitment, honor and love? Isn't that something we want to pass down through generations instead of hostility toward one another? These are just my own thoughts, and experiences after going to the protest. I hope these links work, sorry if they don't!
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