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for all you suckers out there...

i am sick of spam. aren't you? so i decided to take matter into my own hands and fight back. Using</a>"> ARIN , i found that one of my spammers is sending junk through i forwarded the spam to and this is what i received from those fucking bastards.

sincerely my ass. if you are using comcast cable, shame on you because your fees are supporting idiots like these who make your life and my life miserable. i also complained to another service provider and they were a whole lot nicer.

This is an automated reply to the submission of your
network abuse incident.
Please take time to read it carefully because it
provides insight to your
reported incident and future submissions to the
Comcast Network Abuse Team.

First, we would like to thank you for bringing this
matter to our attention.
We take network abuse very seriously within the
Comcast domain and we
apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
Due to the large number
of complaints we receive, we may not be able to
respond to you again
regarding this incident. However, Comcast investigates
each reported
incident of Abuse and we will take all appropriate
action to warn, suspend,
and/or terminate a subscriber that has violated
Comcast's Acceptable Use
Policy or Terms of Service. To view our Acceptable Use
Policy, please click
on the Terms of Service link at and
then click on the link
for the Acceptable Use Policy.

Second, when reporting a network abuse incident to the
Network Abuse Team
you must follow the submission guidelines below to
expedite the
investigation process. If you fail to follow these
guidelines your request
may not be processed or a delay may occur. We process
these requests on a
First-In-First-Out basis; prioritized by the level of
network abuse a
customer is experiencing. Also, please do not submit
more then one request
per network abuse incident. This will ensure that each
occurrence is
addressed in the most efficient manner possible.

Network Abuse Submission Guidelines

1.Provide a brief, general description of the network
abuse incident.

2.Include all logs or information relevant to the
incident, ensure the logs
your submitting contain:
   a.Date of incident
   b.Time of incident and time zone
   c.Source Internet protocol (IP) address or host
   d.Destination IP address or host name
   e.Destination port

3.For e-mail abuse i.e. Spam, include full-unmodified
header information and
content of the email. Header information is a
requirement for reporting
e-mail abuse. Without the header information, the
Abuse Team cannot
determine the true originator of the e-mail and no
action will be taken. If
you are unsure how to extract a full-unmodified
header, please visit for
instructions to support your
mail client.

4.For alleged off topic (non-spam) or commercial
Usenet postings, we also
need full un-modified headers of the Usenet posting
including the body of
the offending message. If you are unsure how to view
the full-unmodified
headers of the Usenet post, consult the help section
of your newsreader
software or your news provider.

In closing, Comcast cannot investigate an incident of
network abuse without
the information requested above. Also, Comcast only
investigates incidents
of network abuse regarding Comcast subscribers.
Non-subscribers should be
reported to their appropriate ISP for network abuse
resolution. Please be
advised that Comcast does not disclose personally
identifiable information
about our subscribers except as may be required or
permitted by law or
authorized by our subscribers. As a result,
information pertaining to
particular subscriber(s) or specific actions taken in
regard to Abuse
complaints may not be disclosed. However, Comcast is
committed to
identifying alleged offenders and taking all
appropriate action to ensure
compliance with our Acceptable Use Policy and other
Terms of Service.


The Comcast Network Abuse and Observance Team

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