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This is some shiesty shit going down at WSU - keep an eye out for similar happenings over yonder and across the mountains friends - campus police are on the prowl!!!


To all concerned;

I]Kirsten Pauli (the WSU WAC-Coordinator) several
weeks ago, brought to my attention a proposed
draft by Steve Hanson (The Chief of Police and
Director of Public Safety) and Rich Heath (Assistant
VP for Administration and Human Resources in Business

II]Mr. Hanson and Mr. Heath have drafted a proposal to
expand WAC code 504.15.930 to 504.15.935. I do not
believe this is the proper mode of action for
protecting the WSU campus and the welfare of its
citizens. I would like to see the campus organize and
put an end to this proposal. The proposal (a)needlessly
increases police power, and (b)it discourages and
infringes upon the use of alternative modes of
transportation around campus. I believe that WSU
should be promoting alternative modes of

III]The current WAC 930 code, the proposed expansion
of the code, definitions for WAC's and RCW's, and
contact info for all involved are stated below for

IV]Before the proposal can be passed by the state
legislature, it must go to a public hearing that will
be made public by WSU administrative offices - Kirsten
Pauli (WAC coordinator) can be contacted for the
details on the process. The public hearing is a time
when public imput can be given about the proposed law.
I am not sure exactly how it works, but if enough
people are oppossed to the law, then I believe it
can be tabled (gotten rid of) or sent back to the
drafting board at that point. The WSU adminstration
could try to pass the bill during the summer when not
many students are on campus. If that happens, it is
important WSU students, faculty, etc, go the hearing
to try and stop or change this proposal.

v]The proposed expansion by Mr. Heath and Mr. Hanson,
as I understand it, will essentially give the WSU
police the following powers if they break the current
definitions of where alternative modes of
transportation can be used as defined by the current
WAC code 504.15.930

A1=The following heirarchy of penalties is applicable
over a span of 24 months (two years) time=
(1)Skateboards and inline skates can be impounded
immediately for a period of two days.
(2)Skateboards and inline skates can be impounded for
a period of 2 days and a fine of $10 dollars will be
(3)Skateboards and inline skates can be impounded for
up to 30 days and a fine of up to $30 dollars plus the
original $10 dollar fee will be charged.

A2=The following heirarchy of penalties is applicable
over a span of 24 months (two years) time=
(1)A bicyclist may be fined up to $25 dollars upon
first infraction.
(2)A bicyclist may be fined up to $50 and warned of
possible criminal prosecution - Reckless Endangerment
and Criminal Trespass.
(3)A bicyclist may be fined up to $100, may be arrested, and may face criminal prosecution of Reckless Endangerment and Criminal Trespass.
[Statutory Authority: Reckless Endangerment (RCW
9A.36.050) and Criminal Trespass (RCW 9A.52.070,

A1=Current WAC code 504.15.930:
(1)the riding and use of bicycles, skateboards, and
rollerskates is prohibited from the Terrell Mall and
all building plazas, interior building spaces, parking
structures, and parking structure ramps.

(2)Bicycles, skateboards, and rollerskates may be
ridden and used on sidewalks when a bike path is not
provided. Operators must move at a safe speed and
yield to pedestrians at all times.

(3)Bicycles, skateboards, and rollerskates may not be
ridden on or over stairways, steps, ledges, benches,
planting areas, or any other fixtures.

(4)Bicyclists must obey all traffic rules of the road
when operating a bicycle in roadways.

(5)Bicycles may be secured only at bicycle racks and
facilities designed for such purpose.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.095, 28B.30.125, and
28B.30.150.95-13-003// 504-15-930, filed 6/8/95,
effective 7/9/95.]

A2=WAC stands for Washington Administrative Code. As I
understand it, WAC codes define RCW's -definitions of laws that state institutions can create (but they must be ratified by the state legislature in Olympia) to
govern their facilities. Because WSU is a state
institution, WSU can create WAC codes to define where
certain RCW's are applicable. As far as I know, any John Q citizen can draft a WAC code.

A3=RCW stands for Revised Codes of Washington; they
are the laws that govern Washington State.

VII]Contact Information
If you would like to contact any of the administrators
mentioned above, they can be reached at:

Steve Hanson
Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety
(509) 335-5524

Rich Heath
Assistant VP for Administration and Human Resources in
Business Affairs
(509) 335-7223

Kirsten Pauli
WSU WAC Coordinator
(509) 335-7739

Thank you for your time,

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