Alexander M. West (oneirophage) wrote in uw,
Alexander M. West

Youth Party?

What would everyone here think of a political party with the following platform:

* Legalization of marijuana.

This should appeal to the approximately 33% of the citizens in the country who smoke pot. It should also appeal to anyone who is fiscally aware, and tired of paying to millions of dollars a year to lock up other non-dangerous Americans in the name of the War on Drugs.

* Elimination of the legal drinking age.

Anyone who is 18-21, or recently has been has probably been frustrated a few times when they couldn't go clubbing with their friends, hang out at a bar, or had to go to difficult lengths in order to get liquour for a party. Plus, in nations where there is a low or no drinking age, the number of alcohol related car accidents decreases because people have learned how to drink responsibly by the time they get their drivers' license.

* Popular election of the President.

Was anyone happy with the confusion and controversy of the 2000 Election? The president should be the man or woman endorsed by the largest number of people in the country, not selected by a system developed over 200 years ago, by a group of people who didn't trust the population as a whole to make good decisions.

* Instant run-off voting.

This allows people to make a list of people that they would vote for on a ballot, and have their vote change as the candidate with the lowest number of votes was removed. For example, last presidential election, someone could vote 1. Nader, 2. Bush, 3. Gore. If Nader has the lowest number of votes, he is removed, and then this person would vote for Bush. This process is continued until only one candidate remains. This is the system used by Europe, and allows a multi-party system.

* Education Funding

Last presidential election, politicians promised to make education a priority, and then unilaterally decreased funding when the economy went into recession. With the savings on marijuana enforcement, and taxation on sale of the same, new funds can be expended to provide more and better public education. This will decrease the bills being paid by students, and in the end will pay the country back more in increased tax revenues from higher-skilled workers. (The G.I. Bill has generated $6 in tax revenue for every $1 spent on the program.)

Overall, I think these things would get both young people and persons interested in reform out to vote who usually don't. However, I wanted to see what everyone here thought, before I started doing some work to try to do some organization, coalition building, and checking in the larger community who is interested.

Poll #31189 Youth Vote

How do you feel about the Youth Vote concept presented here?

I am too lazy to vote, and don't care about these issues.
I am too lazy to vote, but conceptually support this platform
I usually vote, but there is no way I would support this platform.
I don't usually vote, but I would if I could get this sort of stuff really passed.
Wow! I am really excited about this concept, and would be willing to not only vote, but organize others to do so, run for offices, or pass around signature sheets!
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