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i'm the undisputed king of this disco

I'm not ACTUALLY part of the Honors Program. I was going to be, but then bowed out at the last minute (with good reason). But I didn't get taken off the email list, so I get emails from time to time. This is the first one I've received that grabbed my interest. I'm definitely going to go to this, so if anyone would like to come (it says I can bring friends...), let me know. I think it will be an entertaining and enlightening experience.

    Here's the quarterly RRC movie night again. This time, we will be having
    Jura Avizienis from the comparative literature to lead discussion about
    David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive"; we will be focusing on the subject of
    amnesia, identity, and all sorts of good stuff.


    RRC (honors student club) presents "Mulholland Drive" by David Lynch.
    Date: 5/10/02 Friday, from 6:00pm to 9:30pm.
    Location: honors students lounge, MGH 206, right next to the 1st stir case
    Admission: Free, unless you want to join the "pizza" list, for which you
    can pay me $3 for dinner when you come.
So, yeah, I guess they're going to have pizza. If anyone wants to come as my "guest" and you want pizza then just let me know and I'll relay the info to them.
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