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hi. i'm an accepted high school senior from california, thinking about attending UW. UW is by far my first choice school because of the wide selection of courses (i'm especially interested in the scandinavian department), the atmosphere of the school/campus, and all that seattle has to offer. unfortunately i'm not sure i can afford out-of-state tuition for 4 years. i would appreciate any advice anyone can give on the subject.

i do intend to be WA state resident, permanently -- working, getting a drivers license, registering to vote, and living with my aunt and uncle (in WA) when not on campus. what situations fall under that "bona fide domicile in this state primarily for purposes other than educational" category? (as required on the UW residency website)

i hear that they recently made establishing residency harder to do. if anyone has recently gone through this process and has any tips i would be deeply grateful!

(it seems this is sort of a taboo subject, so if you would rather email me that would be great too)

p.s. i looked for threads on this but didn't see any recent ones. if there are, i apologize
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