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Study Abroad...

I have some general questions about the various study abroad programs.
I am a Junior and an English major.

One, why do some have a program cost of say (for example) around 3500.00 and then the various fees and make no mention of paying the UW tuition also.
Then, some programs will have a cost of say 3500.00 and then the various fees and then say that UW tuition for the quarter is due also.
I am really confused as to this as I can afford the 3500.00 but not another 2000.00 on top of that.

Also, does anyone have any experince with study abroad and financial aid? I am basically reliant on what I get and then student loans for the rest. Will they let you take out more for your plane ticket and the added program cost, if indeed you have to pay for both UW tuition and the program cost?

Anyone have any recommends for the best programs? I am on the wait list for the Summer in Rome program. If I don't get in that I was looking into Paris, which is a new one but it may be too late. What about programs in Winter or Spring quarter?

Also, and this is just an afterthought, Being gay myself, if you are also what have your experiences been both good/bad, etc. In terms of living with others, any problems, etc. etc.
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