Warmth. (floufy) wrote in uw,

Hi, *waves*

I have several questions:

I was accepted to UW and am strongly considering it for a number of reasons. However, I'm slightly concerned because I foolishly didn't read all the available programs that I could apply to and ended up choosing "undecided" where I will be at the "Arts and Sciences" program. If my intended major (which I have yet to decide) will *not* be "Arts and Sciences" how could I go about switching from this program to say, business school?

My second concern is the dorm-related. Does your roommate need to be in the same programs you're enrolled in? I have a friend who's doing a music major but I'm paranoid that I'll end up in a hall filled with late-night music from people practicing. I know we'll both be in the "Arts and Sciences," but room assignments aren't based on that, right?

Also, I read in the packet that I need to take math and language placement tests to be placed in a proper class? I'm slightly confused about this. Shouldn't the current math/language class be sufficient indication of what math level I should take?

Lastly, this might sound odd, but I know that some schools, particularly large ones, tend to treat students as "a number" because of the massive enrollment making it very difficult to set yourself apart. I was wondering if anyone attending/ed has ever felt this type of reception from staff members or upperclassmen.

I lied, this is the last question: what do you think UW offered you that was valuable and probably unlikely to gain from an alternative school?

Thanks for the help!
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