Jen (oompa_radar) wrote in uw,

Full Time Status

I have a question about full time student status. I checked the (newly updated :) memories, but none of the categories seemed to fit. I know this has been addressed before, but not very recently.

I have laid out what I need to take to complete my major, and each quarter I can only take about 9 credits (+/- some) of required classes (prerequisites, bah!). I don't have a ton of electives to spare.

As a student who doesn't have a scholarship or use financial aid, is it really important that I do 12+ credits per quarter? If it is, I'll just declare a minor, but if not, it'd be good to know. :)

And, as always, if there's a page on UW where this is laid out, just direct me there. I tend to get lost trying to search for useful information at UW's site. Not to mention all the literature I've found doesn't speak to the consequences (if any) of not taking 12 credits.

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