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Swimming partner wanted! [x-posted to snowfreak]


My name's Keith, and i'm looking to get back into competitive swimming. I swam all the way through high school, and I swam with a group called Husky Masters during fall quarter, but then during winter quarter my work schedule conflicted too many times and i lost motivation...

What i'm asking for is ANYONE (male OR female, the team is co-ed) who is interested in competitive swimming and would be willing to come swim with me and we can help keep one another motivated. I know that i work much better and will be much more successful if i have another person there with me.

The Husky Masters team practices in the Pavillion Pool (next to the IMA, not the IMA pool) around 5:40-7pm (this could have changed since i stopped going, but it's unlikely). The cost is either a flat fee of $30 a month, or a drop-in fee of $5 each time you go. There is also a one-time fee to register with US Masters Swimming of $35. Experience levels vary a lot, so don't worry if you feel like you're too slow (or too fast, for that matter).

Please get ahold of me with any questions and such here, or email me at - i look forward to hearing from you! :D

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