shidon02 (shidon02) wrote in uw,

buy my books!

okay folks i'm a bit late on posting this, but i have some books i'm selling for really good prices.

Chemical Principles (4e 02)
Good for Chemistry 142,152,162
UW bookstore is selling it for $99 used, MY PRICE $80 AND STUDY GUIDE IS FREE ($31.35 value) (i might still have the cd as well and i'll throw that in there if i have it!)

Physical Anthropology (8e 02)
This book is good for Prof. Miller's class
UW bookstore price is $53.85, my price is only $30.00

Books are in good condition, and have some highlighting in them. The study guide has some writing in it, but it's free so hey no worries! Get in contact with me via livejournal if you want to buy any of these books! thanks
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