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As if the Quad wasn’t romantic enough this time of year…

Now there’s a good reason to take a romantic stroll at night.
Apparently the nearest 5 planets are all up for viewing this week. The news article says “the planets will hang like a pearl necklace beginning with Mercury near the western horizon, followed eastward by the bright light of Venus, then Mars, Saturn and, finally, Jupiter. The alignment, which began Monday and will continue through April 1, will be visible each night until Mercury drops below the western horizon about two hours after sunset.” They should span 135 degrees of the sky from start to end. Saturn’s rings are tilted correctly and Jupiter’s moons are available for viewing, should you manage to get your hands on the right viewing equipment.
I’m currently out of town so I’m not sure how polite the weather’s being at the school. Hopefully those who wish to see it all will be able to do so. This setup won’t happen again until 2036 apparently.

Much thanks to article writer Erik Robinson of the Columbian for the tip-off.
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