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I am posting this for a friend without a LJ of his own.

Hey all, I'm doing a project for my comparative religion final on the varying religious views people have on sexual behavior - specifically, premarital sex. I'm taking a cross-section of people in Seattle and in small-town Alaska, so if you have the time to answer some questions, that'd be great. (I want to have equal representation of different views, so the more I get the better.) If you have any questions about any of this, lemme know. The list of questions looks long, but no matter your religious preference, you only have to answer half. Names will be kept completely private, unless you tell me different. Please email responses to jerich0 (at) u . washington . edu if you do not want to post your answers in a comment. (That is a zero at the end of jerich0, not an o.)

Thanks a lot! :D

- Donald

Oh yeah, this is for a paper due on Monday, so the sooner the better. Thanks ;)

0. How old are you, where are you from, what's your ethnic background, what are
you majoring in/want to do for a living/doing for a living?

1. How would you classify your religion/spiritual beliefs? (I.E. atheist,
agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc., specific denomination if

2. Would you consider yourself a liberal, moderate, or conservative X(your
religious classification)?

3. Which do you believe in: Heaven/Hell/Purgatory, Heaven/Hell, just Heaven, or
something else?

4. If so, do you believe these are real places or figurative concepts?


5. Are Christians the only people who get into heaven, or can non-Christians be
admitted through leading a 'good' life?

6. Is premarital sex (in this instance, I mean coitus(penetrative penis/vagina
intercourse)) acceptable behavior for a Christian, in your opinion?

6.a. What about other forms of sexual behavior (Oral intercourse, mutual
masturbation, non-insertive stimulation)? Are these sins? If so, are they
somehow 'lesser sins' or are they all equally sinful?

7. If someone engages in premarital sex (coitus) freely, but otherwise
subscribes to the tenets of what 'good Christians' are supposed to do, do they
still qualify for Heaven?

8. What, in your view, would be acceptable sexual behavior for unmarried

9. When you say 'making out' and 'sexual contact', what do you mean?

10. If someone does engage in sexual behavior (non-penetrative) and is
unrepentant because "It's not anyone else's business so long as we don't have
'real' sex'", are they still being good Christians? If not, what would you say
to them?

11. Is masturbation (personal, not of a partner) a sin, in your view?

12. Once two individuals are married, do you think that their sexual behavior
is still the business of the Church? Or rather: After marriage, are sexual
behaviors no longer sins, but things to be determined according to the comfort
level of the individuals involved?

13. If you found out a male Christian friend of yours regularly engaged in
premarital sex because he thought it wasn't a sin, would you treat him

14. If not, would you think of him differently?

15. In your honest opinion, without concern for necessarily being 'fair', would
you treat a female friend who regularly engaged in sex with her boyfriend
differently? Why or why not?

16. If not, would you think of her differently?

17. In the two above cases, would your answers change if they were engaging in
something other than coitus?

18. Is virginity a requirement for a potential fiance? If not, is it something
you find attractive?

19. Do your views on premarital sex come from any Bible passages in particular,
or are they general beliefs you learned in your social/religious upbringing? If
you can, please quote any relevant passages.

20. Do you think the Bible creates gender roles that Christians should try to
adhere to?

21. Is it ok if I quote you directly in my paper? (you won't be named
personally, just by your demographic characteristics)

NON-CHRISTIAN QUESTIONS (Sorry, given the local demographics, I've lumped
everyone into Christian/non-Christian, so please feel free to expand on my
questions here to differentiate your own religion/belief system):

5. Can only people who follow your religion get into heaven/paradise/etc.?

6. Do you believe in the idea of 'sin'? If so, what do you consider to be
'sinful' behavior? If not, then do you believe any sort of behavior can be
inherently moral or immoral?

7. In your opinion, is premarital sex (in this instance, I mean
coitus(penetrative penis/vagina intercourse)) acceptable behavior? If not, what
about other sexual activities (oral sex, mutual masturbation, non-insertive

8. If your religion/belief structure prohibits premarital sex, and a fellow
practioner of your religion engages in it, do you consider them to be sinful
and possibly deserving of punishment?

9. If premarital coitus is wrong, what do you consider to be acceptable sexual
contact between unmarried couples? Please be specific, don't just say 'making

10. If premarital coitus is NOT wrong, are there any types of consensual sexual
behavior that are unacceptable? (Group sex, anal sex, oral sex, BDSM, anonymous
sex, furries, whatever you can think of)

11. Is masturbation wrong?

12. Does the act of marriage (or similar bonding agreement) make any type of
sexual behavior (coitus or otherwise) change from being wrong to being ok?

13. How would you think differently of a male friend who engaged in premarital
sex and one who didn't, if at all?

14. Same question for a female friend.

15. In your honest opinion, regardless of any desire to be fair, would you
think differently towards a female who engaged in premarital sex than a male
(coitus between a couple only)?

16. Would you think differently of a male who engaged in various forms of sex
with many partners over a year than a female who did the same? Would different
forms of sexual contact change your opinion?

17. Does your religion/belief system create gender roles that you consider to
be fundamentally right? (Males provide, are aggressive, women nurture, are
passive, etc.)

18. Do you consider virginity to be morally significant in any way?

19. Would virginity play any factor in the attractiveness of an individual to

20. Are there any specific tracts of religious text that you derive your views
on sexual behavior from? If so, please quote or cite.

21. Is it ok if I quote you directly in my paper? (you won't be named
personally, just by your demographic characteristics)
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