Christina Montalvan (cmontal) wrote in uw,
Christina Montalvan

I'm a freshman at the UW and in high shcool I did wonderfully in all of my classes, once I got here however it was a whole new ball game. I find that I miss the smaller class sizes and that the tests are harder, while counting for more. I was expecting this to some extent, but this is somehow more. A lot of the research and studying that I've done, aren't counting for a whole lot and the CLUE sessions are useless.

Well, I'm registering for classes for Spring, and I don't know what it is that I want to take. I have a variety of interests, primarily relating to: International Studies/ Comparative History of Ideas/ Political Science/ Philosophy/ and Art, etc....

Because I am a creative person, what I am looking for in a class, is one that has more to do with hand's on work and homework (rather than just multiple choice tests). Preferably something that isn't just a lecture of 300, but more of a debate type class, that focuses on our reactions and debates rather than just a regurgitation of a professors words on a test. I am a fast reader and don't mind doing a great deal of reading and/ or writing. Does anyone have any suggestions for classes that might be right for me?
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