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A Few Rants about the UW

I hate that you have to totally figure things out here and you are totally on your own.

For example, the residency process. First of all there is only one guy, Robert something, who you can talk to about your residency questions. He had already left when I showed up today at 3:30, even though the office is open until 5:00. I don't understand how to show that I payed 51% of everything for a year. I think it is stupid. I can show that I will pay for it later, but right now I do have a parent loan. I think there is a way around this, I just need to figure it out. My mom is freaking out about residency and not really helping me out by using her own brain to understand the stuff. I just feel bad that I probably could get residency, I just can't get the right help in doing so.

Maybe I am asking for some help. I would greatly appreciate it if somebody would be willing to sit down with me and give me an outline or some kind of guide on how to go about getting residency. My parents are obviously not helping me much and I think its kind of funny because they are the ones who are paying for this. Anyway, I hope this makes sense, somebody please help and tell me that there is hope for someone who feels totally lost when it comes to big offices and such.
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