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Archaeology 212 and why you shouldn't take it

Hi folks-

I realized yesterday that I was not actively working toward the happiness and well-being of my friends and peers when a teammate told me that she had registered for Archy 212 with R. Wenke for Spring, 2004.



After a great experience with A. Close in Archy 105, I thought that 212: the Archaeology of Egypt would be a great, easy, sunshiney-read-in-the-quad type of class that would be fun for spring.

I was very, very wrong.

Do not take this class.

Professor Wenke is a tenured staff member here at the UW. Not only does that mean that he's been teaching here for hundreds of years, but it also means that
a) he can do whatever the hell he wants because
b) he doesn't have to worry about student evaluations


  • babbling on nonsensically for hour upon hour about things that aren't really relevant to the class--never to include any of the information on tests (ie when I was in Egypt...)
  • repeating the same information for five or more class periods while the entire class dozes off for having to listen to the exact same lecture for the the eighth time
  • the entire class is based on a midterm and a final, and that's it. And to be honest, they're probably the hardest tests I've taken at the UW. Not because the information is that complex, but because the tests were on things that we never covered in class, and that the readings covered only minimally.
  • I hated going to the class. I loathed going to that class. He is SO BORING, that it just got frustrating to have to endure another lecture of mumbling "ummmmm...." and "ahhhhhh....." and the stories, and the same slides over and over again... which was all pointless anyway since none of it was ever on the exams.

    I have been a consistently highly-marked student while at the UW, and even got good grades in my other two classes while enrolled in 212 last spring. I spent no more or less time on the class than I would any other class that I found challenging--the difference this time was that I scored substantially lower in the class and it dropped my GPA like a rock.

    Overall, it's a terrible, terrible class with little-to-no academic value whatsoever. I didn't even learn anything in the damn class, for all the suffering I did. I mean... not to be overly negative, but the class is a freakin joke.

    You have been warned.

    That is all, thank you.
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