The Sputnik Sweetheart (laika57) wrote in uw,
The Sputnik Sweetheart

Math Tutor/Volunteer

My brother recently came to the US. He's having trouble in ESl Math but it's mostly his language barrier.

I'm trying to look for someone who's willing to help him with understanding math in English. He doesn't have enough Math homework from his highschool so he's getting no where. I'm hoping for someone who can guide him to do self-studying, extra math.

He's 16 yrs old, and we live around UW-North Campus.

Please tell me if you are intrested or if you know of anyone who might be interested. Any math majors or anyone who likes to teach.

Since we're low on budget volunteer is the best solution for us ( I'm a UW student btw) but time and money is negotiable.

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